Standard extrusions


We offer an extensive and continually expanding range of standard profiles, manufactured to order in a short timescale. They include angles, joining strips, knock-in T-barbs, H-sections, and tubes. They can be produced in sizes up to 300mm wide and cut accurately to any required length. This means that you can save money by using a standard profile – and even get it delivered surprisingly quickly if necessary!

“…you order; we deliver quickly – it’s as simple as that”

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Contact our friendly sales team by phone on 01335 344554 or email your enquiry to We’d be pleased to arrange for an experienced technical representative to visit you to answer your questions, assist with product selection and explain about our specialist solutions.

One of the largest plastic extrusion manufacturers in the UK

We can manufacture bespoke extrusions of virtually any shape or size

Develop cost-effective solutions that will enhance your business

Over 5 million metres of datastrip manufactured annually